Today, voice SMS is being used as an effective marketing tool. To make communication personalised and effective, voice SMS strikes the right chords of the target audience. The best part about voice SMS is that it can be conveyed in local language.

We at 9Qubes help you get your message recorded in your own voice. Even a clip or text can be instantly converted into speech. With the IVR functionality, two-way communication can be deployed to ask feedback or opinion from the users while using our web interface.

Whether you’re looking to send broadcasts or multicasts, with voice SMS, it can be sent from anywhere. Using our specific numbers, you can record your message and schedule it for your target audience.

Benefits of voice SMS:
  • Transparent pricing
  • API integration solutions
  • Boundary-free functionality
  • Hassle-free operations
  • Smooth communication
  • Voice translation facilities
  • Clear and concise