For us, pay per click (PPC) is all about finding your audience, understand them and converting them. With PPC strategies, we drive targeted traffic to your website. It is all about reaching your target audience for the right cost, ensuring they convert. We handle every step for you to ensure you get the best of your money’s worth.

Our PPC strategies grow your business in three ways:

  • Reach new prospects when they are searching on a desktop or mobile, and lead them to your site or social media pages.
  • Drive visitors to your site and bring them back later when they are ready to buy.
  • Build awareness by putting your business on hundreds of sites online and Facebook.

Apart from PPC, as part of the marketing mix, we also use display ads and remarketing strategies to spread the word about your business everywhere.

At any point, if you feel your website is not responding to PPC, we track every aspect of your campaign, refine messages and optimise key elements to improve ROI.

We make use of Google AdWords, Google Display Network, Bing Ads, Social Media platforms and various other ad networks in your PPC campaign.