With Opt-in text messaging, it is easy to market goods and services to a large number of groups. It is cost-effective, quick and delivers your message simultaneously to your target group.

Unlike regular texting, Opt-in SMS marketing is a permission-based activity. This means that potential customers have to give you permission to send them marketing text messages.

In India, there are two ways for a mobile user to subscribe or opt-in for SMS alerts – opt-in via SMS and opt-in via missed call.

At 9Qubes, our team is proficient in building opt-in lists. We use ‘click-to-join widgets on websites and social media platforms to get users to opt-in to the service. We also attract opt-ins with short codes.

How to build opt-in lists?
  • Onsite-signage: If you are hosting a special event or conference, you can get users to subscribe to your opt-in text messaging by having an on-site signage that requires them to send a keyword to receive alerts, promotions etc.
  • Instore signage: Having a signage in your store, bar, restaurant or gym can also attract potential clients to subscribe to your messages. You may use incentives to encourage customers to send an opt-in text right away.
  • Billboards: Using simple keywords and short codes on a billboard is also helpful. People driving their car will immediately reach out to their phones to subscribe.
  • Email: Email is a fantastic way to build opt-ins. With every emailer, make sure to include details of how recipients can opt-in for your message service.

We at 9Qubes help you position, phrase and integrate your opt-in messages.