Every single day of the office environment sees a large amount of information and data flows. Whether it’s ‘old-fashioned sheets’ or electronic documents, it is important for one common software to take care of all the business, clerical and operational activities that take place in an office.

To increase the efficiency of your business, we offer office management software that helps you manage your employees, workflow, clients, projects, pay-outs, attendance, work records, certificates and daily activity reports.

We at 9Qubes provide our clients with integrated office management software that helps in maximising efficiency and minimising confusion. The software is also integrated with document management which helps in systematic organisation of paper filing. The software has the ability to store, capture, manage and share all your electronic documents in a protective place.

If you are looking to succeed in your business, systematic management software is a must. It can also make your employees feel more motivated when everything is planned and well-organised. Whether you own a large or small enterprise, our office management system manages every day-to-day function appropriately. Moreover, it is easy to use.

We at 9Qubes work towards increasing your productivity. Think of how much more revenue your company can make if your staff can focus on selling instead of managing office documents.

  • Master Entry:- Configure Office, Department, Designation, Add Department, Add Add Employee wise, Add Grade Types, Configure Salary Details, Certificates Entry, Employee Create Batch, Create Test Type, Test Name Entry, Add Employee Details, Add HOD/Manager/Sr.Management/Details
  • User Registration
  • Test:- Set Test Schedule, Employee, Office Staff Entry
  • Payroll Management:-Employee Attendance, Employee Advance Payment, Employee Salary Payment
  • Inventory:- Purchase and Expense Entry of Office Tools, Softwares, Furniture, Stationary etc.,
  • All Types of Records of Master Entry
  • Employee Salary Payment:-After Salary Payment of Employee message has been sent to his registered mobile number.
  • Follow-Up Meetings
  • Set Reminder Message
  • Employee Enquiry
  • Show Employee work activities on daily basis
  • Employee Attendance Entry
  • Employee Report
  • Schedule organiser
  • Project start date and deadlines
  • Reminders for important occasions/holidays
  • Manager Report
  • Document management
  • Generate Employee Identity Card
  • Employee Higher Authority Report
  • Generate Employee Identity Card
  • Generate Employee Identity Card [ID Card No Wise]
  • Generate Employee Identity Card [Seniority Wise]
  • Purchase Report
  • Enquiry Report:- Job Wise, Department Wise, Date of Joining Wise
  • Follow-Up Report
  • Employee Registration Report:- ID Card Wise, Seniority Wise, Date Wise
  • Issue Item(s) Report
  • Outstanding Performance Report:- Job Wise, Project Wise, Date Wise
  • Logs maintain facility
  • Database Backup
  • Database Recovery
  • Change Password
  • Password Recovery
  • Support Both 32/64-Bit System
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