Since we know that there are many hospitals are available in our country and so for every hospital it is very difficult to work manually in hospital,In the real life there are many scenarios occurs in the hospital like Patient Treatment, Manage medical store, Lab management etc.

This software helps you how to work with IP (Indoor Patient) and OP (Outdoor Patient) from Patient Admission to Discharge Process.

Features of Hospital Management Software:-
  • Hospital Details Entry :-
  • Department Entry
  • Designation Entry
  • Doctor Specialization Entry
  • Session Entry
  • Doctors Entry
  • Employee Entry
  • Wards Entry
  • Room Entry
  • Beds Entry
  • Service Entry
  • Student Report
  • Employee Report
  • Books Reservations Report
  • Fees Due List Reports
  • School Fees
  • Bus Fees
  • Hostel Fees
  • Books Issue Report Students
  • Books Issue Report Staff
  • Books Fine Collection from Student
  • Bus Fees Payment Report
  • Salary Report
  • Student Marks Report
  • Student Grade Report
  • Identity Cards of Students
  • User Rights Management System
  • SMS Notification and Feature
  • Email Notification and Feature
  • Logs maintain facility
  • Database Backup
  • Database Recovery
  • Change Password
  • Password Recovery
  • Support Both 32/64-Bit System
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