About 9Qubes Logo

Our logo is the face of our company. The 9Qubes logo symbolises the sides of a cube dominated by six colours that reflect our brand identity, along with a backdrop of clouds and a circle. The logo also relates to the company’s goals, vision, values and personality. The clouds denote higher thought, intellectual ideas and abstract thinking. Our brand objective of ‘sky is the limit’ is well conveyed in our logo. Nothing can obscure our vision and optimism, to take your brand to greater heights.

The cubes in our logo represent stability, focus and perfection. It also denotes the different dimensions of our services as an end-to-end digital marketing agency. On the other hand, the circle around our logo represents timeliness and perfection. We go an extra mile when we serve our clients, and make sure to handover projects within the stipulated timeframe.

The colours in our logo represent:

  • Red: The colour represents excitement and stimulates our people to take action. It is also associated with energy, power and enthusiasm with which we take on our client’s projects.

  • Black: Black symbolises creativity. Using our imagination to the best of our ability, we craft creative marketing collateral and campaigns for you that will drive high ROI.

  • Green: The hues of green denote growth. When you instil a sense of trust in us, we make sure we grow with you and take your company to greater heights. Looking at your brand flourish gives us a sense of well-being.

  • Yellow: Yellow represents the optimism and youthfulness of our team and organisation. We are backed with a dynamic and dedicated team of experts who are proficient in their area of expertise.

  • Orange: Just like red, orange too creates a sense of energy and balance. As a digital marketing firm, we believe all our clients are equal, and thus offer the same level of services that creates friendly and cheerful atmosphere.

  • Blue: Hues of blue is associated with calmness. Use of blue in our logo creates a sense of security and trust in our brand. It also denotes the transparency and integrity we maintain when dealing with our clients.

5 Nature Elements of Digital Marketing

There are many strands of digital marketing, but to us at 9Qubes, we work in synchronization with Five Elements of digital marketing inspired by Mother Nature. These elements represent the purity of 9Qubes services.

  • Earth: We lay the foundation of your digital marketing strategy which will further translate into long-term relationships and ground your presence in the digital ecosystem.

  • Air: This element represents our wind and flow of creativity. With creative and innovative ideas, we take your marketing game beyond the online space.

  • Water: Water represents our ability to adapt in various states. At 9Qubes, we keep up with new technologies and stay abreast of latest industry changes.

  • Fire: With our creative sparks and ideas, we launch your project to another level. Every action of ours is inspired by passion and enthusiasm.

  • Sky: To us, sky is the limit. No matter what your requirement is, we have the perfect solution for you. Our vast services are an amalgamation of creativity and technology that come together to create a world-class solution. We put together various aspects to give you the results you are looking for.

    Keeping these elements in mind, we have been able to provide our clients top-notch digital marketing services. More than a profit-oriented organisation, we believe in offering quality digital services that make sure your business flourishes. With this attitude, we have made a number of clients happy.

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